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God’s Numbers Return

Tim Tebow inspires a nation

Tebow talks to his true commissioner

Pastor Jim Dawson returns after his award-winning prophesy, Breaking Down God’s Numbers.

Since that miracle of a pass last night, my phone and my doorbell have been ringing off the hook. The non-believers are opening up their eyes. The sinners are emptying their hearts and filling them with the blood and the love of Christ. I told you before about the awesome power of He who works through Tebow. I spoke of His presence on the field, His will for the Broncos to charge over their heathen enemies in a city just a little bit closer to Heaven, and His benevolent choice to reveal himself through statistics.

That 80 yard race to righteousness cemented the name Demaryius as akin to that of St. Paul, striving to glorify the name of Tebow, and further degraded the name of the apostate Ike Taylor who dared to stand in his way before he was ceremoniously shoved to the turf. It did something more, though. That pass gave the win and the glory forever and ever to God’s Precious Ponies, and it proved once and for all the existence and benevolence of God to those who would dare question Him.  The science of God’s numbers returned.

316 yards. 316. If you watched Tim Tebow at the University of Florida as I did, studied him and followed his life and his example, you saw the famous eye blacks. Printed under his eyes, those windows to the soul, was John 3:16.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I’m here to tell you today that while God may have given but one son to this world, that Son is giving Tebow a bro-hug and calling him His brother from another mother. There are tales from the press box that I do not doubt, of grown men falling to their knees and weeping at the sight of that holy statistic; frantic calls placed by CBS broadcast teams, knees in their carpets at home, telling the powers that be not to bother scheduling them next season if it’s not in Denver; pleas by Fox officials to be granted an exemption to the standard rules.  ”We’ll give you back the NFC,” they proclaim. “Just let us return Tebow to God’s network.”  Barring a Broncos call, they’ll all be at church.

The path has been fixed, and it’s one of righteousness. Tebow has triumphed over the villainous rapist, a strike against evil. He moves on to he of the questionable sexuality, Tom Brady, a strike against immorality. And once he is victorious there, he shall move on to face either the visual imprint of Satan on the world in Joe Flacco’s unibrow and his Satanist Ravens or TJ “The Jews” Yates and his devil Jew horns. God will triumph, and Tebow will hoist the Lombardi over his head and proclaim “This is NOT a false idol, but today radiates with God’s grace upon America.”

My fellow children of God, if your eyes are not open now, they may never be. God has a clear message for America: you are the chosen, and He presents himself to you and you alone. We have gone through perilous times as His chosen did before. For as the Jews faced starvation and abandonment in the desert, we too have faced the mortgage and market crises, times with a slightly smaller abundance of food and the forced trade of our full-sized SUVs for mid-sized ones. As they faced the heathen Pharaoh, we have faced the heathen Obama. As they struggled to ignore His plagues designed to attack the Egyptians around them, we struggle to ignore the starvation and denial of basic human rights He sends to show his power elsewhere in the world.

Tim Tebow is your burning bush. He is your Elijah, your Ezekiel, your John the Baptist. Follow him and know God’s love. Turn from Tebow, support another team, cheer against him, and you shall know His wrath. What a glorious time to live.

Pastor Jim Dawson is the pastor of Double Rainbow Community Church.  He returns to YDKF as ‘one of the few true believers of the Denver Broncos’, though he fully supports the bandwagon.


  1. Xanatos says:

    I still can’t believe he threw for 316 yards. You can’t script this stuff!

  2. Jim Dawson says:

    No, my son, you cannot. God, however, can and does. Do not doubt His awesome power to show himself at will. None of us is meant to know how or why he chooses to show his power at times and disappear completely at others. We just accept it and marvel at His wonder and grace.

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