Recalling the aftermath of the collapse of the World Trade Center and the "smell of death" that hung in the air, Trump spoke to the spirit of the city as residents worked to rebuild Manhattan. "Whatever you want. And he's a very nice guy", he said at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention. On Friday, though, Real Clear Politics's average of polls showed Trump with a razor thin edge over Cruz - 0.4 percent, a statistical dead heat.

While Cruz may have pictured this attack different in his head and had motives to attack Trump versus the whole city of NY, he answered to the criticism on behalf of the city. "I don't", Bartiromo said.

Later in the day, Trump asked: "If Ted Cruz is so opposed to gay marriage, why did he accept money from people who espouse gay marriage?"

For New Yorkers, anyway, it was arguably the most memorable part of the GOP presidential debate Thursday night.

A few hours later in Hollis, N.H., Rubio himself was the target of attacks from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. So far, there is no response from Trump, Clinton, or Cuomo to Cruz's latest comments.

He then cited what he called was an extreme view of birtherism that may be inspiring Trump's views: that for a person to be a natural-born citizen, both parents must be born in the United States. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is ineligible for the White House.

"And I imagine it pulled him out of bed this morning and sent him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting".

Trump, however, Saturday accused Cruz of purposely withholding information on the loans. "And you said it's something you don't know about".

"There have been lawsuits filed".

To which Trump responded, "As you know Ted, in the last three polls I'm beating you".

In a 28-page complaint Thursday, Newton Schwartz asked the Supreme Court to decide if Cruz's birth to an American mother and Cuban father while they lived in Calgary violates the U.S. Constitution's "natural born citizen" requirement. "Not believable" he said.

Without the usual bluster and in a quiet, measured tone, Trump answered Cruz's disparaging remark that he, Trump, embodied "New York values".

Video: Who is Ted Cruz? Goldman Sachs owns him, he will do anything they demand. "Not much of a reformer!"

On Friday, confronted by reporters outside a campaign event in Columbia, South Carolina, Cruz declined to apologize for his comments.

Trump, however, wasn't done. The Texas senator has been gaining on Trump in national polls - though he is still trailing by a significant margin - and is leading him in some Iowa polls. Cruz first attacked Trump for his "New York values" earlier this week.

"Put down your computer keyboard for a few hours, think before you tweet, and collect yourself", Levin wrote.