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The Jared's Vault store at the Outlet Shoppes in Woodstock is believed to be one of her first of six targets.

Kemp attended Hillgrove during her senior year with Brittani Odum, a 23-year-old Austell resident, who also said she wasn't surprised. Jones is now in custody on bank robbery charges related to separate charges filed by the DeKalb County Police Department. Federal court records do not indicate whether Jones has a lawyer.

The ex-waitress is accused of sticking up six jewelry stores in five states since April that netted $4 million worth of bling.

At the time of his arrest, Jones was in the company of Kemp, who was also arrested by federal agents in connection with a string of jewelry store robberies.

Her emotional appearance came as friends told ABC Kemp was the "life of the party" and "when she was there you knew it was a good time". She told agents after her arrest that it was used to communicate with Jones during all the robberies where she went in by herself and he remained outside acting as a lookout.

Jones threw one pistol under a bed as agents entered the apartment in Smyrna, Georgia, just northwest of Atlanta, to make the arrests Friday.

Elusive Jewelry thief arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation

"Some citizens also advised that Kemp possesses a black handgun and recently had her vehicle painted black", the court affidavit said.

Kemp faces charges of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threats or violence and up to 20 years behind bars if she's convicted. The FBI says the 24-year-old woman brazenly robbed jewelry stores in five states. An analysis of cell tower data found that the number showed up at or near jewelry stories in Georgia, Florida and SC while the businesses were being robbed, authorities said.

The FBI apparently began investigating after a robbery in Panama City Beach, Florida, where Reed allegedly conducted a robbery similar to the one in Sevierville on August 11.

At Thursday's hearing, Kemp appeared in a pink fleece and said little except to answer yes to a few routine questions from U.S. Magistrate Judge Linda Walker. That suspect is also seen on surveillance video during at least three of the robberies, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

A maroon Honda Civic registered to a member of Kemp's family was spotted on surveillance video from two robbery locations, the documents say.

Kemp will soon be brought back to Florida to continue the federal case against her. The case number is 5:16-mj-00001-LB and will be prosecuted in the US District Court Northern District of Florida in Panama City.