KXIP vs KKR Live Score

It finally happened. Nintendo has, at long last, managed to surprise dedicated fans with an oddball character addition to Pokken Tournament. For now, there are 15 characters confirmed for "Pokken Tournament", and their details can be seen at Serebii.

I didn't really think I wanted another fighting game for the Wii U after Super Smash Bros. released, but here I am looking forward to Pokkén Tournament.

Nintendo's 'Pokemon'fighting game will arrive in March for the Wii U.

Along with Volcanion's potential appearance in the forthcoming "Pokemon" film, "Pokemon Z" is rumored to include Dark Mewtwo while "Pokemon GO" could feature event gifts like shiny legendary Pokemon. This title mashes Pokémon with a unique take on Tekken mechanics. Pokemon will even appear in a Super Bowl commercial.

Nintendo's upcoming Wii U fighting game, "Pokken Tournament", is looking to shed a new light on the "Pokemon" franchise with a game that is very different from what the company used to offer. Local multiplayer is also available, which has been reported in the past that one player will use the gamepad and the other can use the special controller that will come with the game. And speaking of tournament play... the game will feature online ranked battles for gamers who are serious about showcasing their online credibility as an active member of the FGC.