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"I appreciate the President approving my federal emergency request and supporting Flint during this critical situation", Snyder said.

According to the statement, FEMA support will come in the form of water, water filters, filter replacements and water test kits.

The tap water in Flint, population 99,000, became contaminated after the city switched from the Detroit water system to the Flint River while a pipeline to Lake Huron is under construction.

The move, which was requested by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, means FEMA is authorized to provide equipment and resources to the people effected.

Emergency protective measures, limited to direct federal assistance, will be provided at 75 percent federal funding.

Typically, federal aid for an emergency is capped at $5 million, though the president can commit more if he reports it to Congress.

Earlier Thursday, dozens of people - some lugging jugs of dirty water in protest of the water crisis in Flint - criticized Snyder during a demonstration inside the MI state Capitol.

Jake May AP The water crisis in Flint has caused outrage among residents who can no longer drink the city's water

Even though Flint switched back to Detroit's water system, residents say it is still not drinkable and continue to use bottled water to even bathe and cook. The state's top legal official, Attorney General Bill Schuette said on Friday he was investigating the water crisis to determine if any MI laws were violated, according to WTVR Richmond.

City residents have been advised not to drink unfiltered tap water for months, the result of rising levels of lead in the water supply. Since 2014, when the city started getting its water from the Flint River, residents have made their concerns known about contaminated water throughout the city, with lots of complaints about health problems.

"Thousands may have been exposed to potential brain damage from lead", the Democratic presidential hopeful fumed in a statement released Saturday. Exposure to lead can cause behaviour problems and learning disabilities in children as kidney ailments in adults.

Snyder called in the country's national guard to help provide potable water for the city's households after declaring a state of emergency over the crisis.

David Murray, press secretary for Snyder, said the state administration had been "working closely with the city to focus on health issues affecting children and other city residents, and address water infrastructure challenges".

Moore's petition calls for the arrest and prosecution of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) over the ever-mushrooming Flint water crisis - a scandal that has consumed worldwide headlines of late, and rocked an already financially hobbled town of almost 100,000.