KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Roman does not look genuinely hurt, and WWE would be wise to release information if Reigns was to actually undergo surgery.

Return of the Attitude Era?

After using the top rope to hit Big Show with a low blow, Kevin Owens picks up the count-out victory. Now, nearly two years removed from the end of that epic tale, has feverish fan interest in the Undertaker's yearly featured bout at WrestleMania ended as well? After weeks of unfriendly crowds (upcoming shows will play to some of the most rowdy wrestling cities in America) Wrestlemania's live audience will feel confident and righteous in taking over the show with chants that make or break matches and careers.

What matches are rumored to be on the WrestleMania 32 card?

One of those times in WWE is when he was paired with Triple H as the "Two-Man Power Trip", and they captured the WWE Title, Intercontinental Title, and Tag Team Titles at the same time.

We all know Reigns will defy the odds and at Wrestlemania 32 capture the WWE title from Triple H to have his "Wrestlemania Moment" in Dallas.

Roman Reigns will once again headline WrestleMania thanks to his Triple Threat victory over Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at February's Fastlane PPV. Roman Reigns won in the last 30 seconds, making a John Cena-esque comeback and overall, in my opinion, just insulting the viewership of the show. They went to attack Becky, but Sasha Banks made the save.

You mean "divisive", maggle.

When Seth Rollins went down with a torn ACL, WWE had to scramble to find a replacement champ.

-WWE Champion HHH came out to significant cheers. Y2AJ takes on the New Day later on tonight, and they found a third tag team partner: "The World's Strongest Man", Mark Henry. Whether that means he'll be called down to the main roster sooner than lesser paid wrestlers remains to be seen. Ambrose's momentum is the reason he's the favorite against Brock Lesnar. So, yes please. Make that happen quickly. As usual. But he's like totally going to crush Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania you guys and dammit why won't you people like him more already. Bryan Danielson had to become Daniel Bryan, KENTA became Hideo Itami and Prince Devitt became Finn Balor. It never did, however, and they've stayed the course with him ever since. If Nakamura is getting a big-money contract like Styles, he might have a similar agreement over his name. I'm hoping for all matches to now have Buff Bagwell's mum on a pole stipulations.