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They tried all the wonderful deep-fried and high-calorie foods that life has to offer before heading to a handsome whiskey library.

Ben had a great time with Amanda and her kids. She also questions Lauren about her feelings for Ben.

At the end of the night, questions and doubts swirled around Lauren B.'s head. Jo Jo is nervous after her contentious hometown date but is hoping it won't derail her relationship with Ben. After all the fun and games, her family took center stage.

While she called him to clear the things before going for the date with Ben, she got emotional after listening hearsay from him.

This is a side of Caila we haven't seen before. "I can say that EVERY person I've ever talked to on the show has told me that they weren't really in love on the show, they just thought they were in the moment", Fedotowsky wrote. The jury's out on that one.

Jojo was in for a bombshell at the start of her hometown date in Dallas.

Romantic adventures await Ben and the final three bachelorettes - Caila, Jo Jo and Lauren B. - as they travel to handsome Jamaica. Boy, was she wrong! It wasn't a letter from Ben, rather an apology letter from her ex-boyfriend.

When Stanton and Higgins had their awkward post-rejection chat, she was super calm, explaining she only wished he would have told her he wasn't feeling it sooner. However, Ben said he wouldn't have introduced himself to her children if he wasn't confident in their relationship. Does he really love her? Jojo dodged a bullet on that one. For the first time in Bachelor history, the Bachelor has told two women he loves them.

Life & Style reported that an insider from the reality show had disclosed "The Bachelor" star's decision was largely influenced by his mom after the two had a mother and son talk, wherein the older Higgins supposedly thought that another girl was a better fit for her son. She wishes he would have told her beforehand that she was letting him go, which is a valid point because she has kids. Ben comes to the house right after the conversation and he can see JoJo is upset.

"I'm going to miss you", she says before leaving. No one was on the same page.

Going into the rose ceremony back in Los Angeles after coming out of what Ben considers "the most unpredictable hometown yet", JoJo is scared. I think that did freak him out a little bit, which is why he sent Amanda home at the Rose Ceremony. Wow, this was hard to watch. He couldn't even make it through the final interview without breaking down - AGAIN! "I care about JoJo a lot", Ben says.

The insider also said, "He always thinks she knows best". "I think it's pretty obvious who he's falling for". Now her daughters are left with a vague image of a man who once made her smile but left her in tears. It was an emotional moment for Ben when he chose three from the remaining four ladies.

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