His jackpot was won in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday - 46 per cent to 24 per cent of his closest rival, Florida senator Marco Rubio - was Trump's third consecutive victory, putting him on course to be the Republican candidate in November's presidential election in a likely face-off with Democrat Hillary Clinton. What gives them both hopes is the fact that still, a majority of Republican voters believe, according to opinion polls, that Mr. Trump can not be a winning candidate in the general election. Texas, where the debate will take place, is one of those states with a March 1 primary.

That could change Thursday night in Houston.

By contrast, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida led among voters 18 to 29 with 37 percent to 31 percent for Trump. If past debates are any indication, Rubio and Cruz will expend more energy going after each other than taking on Trump.

Donald Trump wins, wins, wins, just as he said he would.

Donald Trump's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is building a momentum that may sweep away challenges by Florida Sen. They care about everything else people care about.

When billionaire Donald Trump, fast becoming the United States answer to Silvio Berlusconi, took to a Vegas stage for his third primary victory party in a row on Tuesday night, he bragged.

At stake in Nevada were 30 delegates, which will be awarded both proportionally based on the at-large statewide vote and by who wins the state's four congressional districts. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, would fare far better with the ever-growing Hispanic electorate.

There are not yet many signs of a concerted effort to attack Trump. With Trump, Cruz and Rubio anticipated to be out gunning for each other, is Kasich going to take the stance of the elder statesman and keep himself out of the fray?

"For Mr. Trump, the outcome in Nevada is another sign of his campaign's durability and the breadth of his appeal", wrote The New York Times. In recent days, he has hit Trump for pledging to remain neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In Texas, a Monmouth University poll showed that Cruz still has a home state advantage, leading Trump 38 percent to 23 percent.

Kasich and Carson, who finished far back in Nevada, are looking to recover in some of the Super Tuesday contests. The Florida primary, which will be held March 15, is the juiciest prize of the Republican nomination race because the winning candidate scoops up all its 99 delegates. The poll finds that his Republican opponents, Sen.

Supporters say they love Trump's combative, non-political style as an antidote to a non-responsive political system.

Texas, Cruz's home state is one of those states and its whopping 155 delegates will be up for grabs. "It's like a baseball game".