Jeremy Haight drove straight from his marketing job to caucus for Marco Rubio at the same high school. The Cruz campaign suffered a setback on Monday when the candidate fired his main spokesman for posting a video that falsely showed Rubio dismissing the Bible.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enthusiastically declared his campaign to be a "winning" one in a speech after winning the Nevada Republican caucus on Tuesday.

Despite early reports on social media of procedural irregularities at many Nevada caucus sites, the Republican National Committee and the party's state chapter said voting was running smoothly. On March 15 will come primaries in Florida, with 99 delegates, and OH with 66, and they are victor take all. Then, it seemed like one big joke.

Nevada will be Rubio's first opportunity to prove he can consolidate the establishment lane of the party, though Bush had only been polling at 1% in the Silver State and Kasich has pledged to stay in the race through early March, at least. "We might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest", he said. Trump and Ted Cruz have been battling for similar slices of the vote in Iowa, New Hampshire and SC with Cruz making ideological attacks - accusing Trump of not being a "real conservative".

Cruz saved some rhetorical ammunition for Clinton, telling an audience in Elko, Nevada he likes the thought of her behind bars.

A CNN/ORC poll had Trump, at 45 percent, with Rubio in second place at 19 percent, Cruz with 17 percent and Carson with 7 percent. As long as both remain in the race, they could continue to split the establishment bloc. The diminished field of candidates potentially benefits Rubio, who has received a number of party endorsements in the days leading up to the caucus, including the backing of former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole. But I will say as a member of the church, Marco Rubio is very appealing to members of the Mormon faith.

Trump is the only Republican still in the race who had an obvious campaign presence in Florida - office space and paid employees on the ground - as of late last month. Trump is a part-time resident. "Now I will tell you what I am going to do".

"You also have to have a president that loves all of the American people, even the ones that don't love you back", Rubio said, mentioning getting protesters at his rallies and people saying "nasty" things about him on Twitter, adding to laughs, "You know what?" Johnson's agument presumes Rubio won't do well Super Tuesday.

The Texas senator has spent more time in the South than his rivals and built networks of supporters he hopes cannot only help him in Texas but also nearby states. That approach did not work in SC, the only Southern state where it has been tested.

He continued: "The undeniable reality that the first four states have shown is that the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump and the only campaign that can beat Donald Trump is this campaign".

Texas may not have a decisive victor, unless the top candidate can get a majority of the votes cast statewide and in each congressional district. Those candidates will be awarded proportionally after Tuesday's caucuses. Still, polls suggest Cruz is the favorite. "The GOP just caves, caves, caves".