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Ted Cruz (R - TX) is increasingly desperate to portray front-runner Donald Trump as insufficiently mainstream, today blasting Trump's foreign policy comments from earlier in the week.

"We certainly can't afford to do this anymore", Trump said.

He said he thinks we should be downplaying our involvement in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and I think we need to be stronger in the alliance", the OH governor said Tuesday, during an interview on Fox News' "America's Newsroom " about the attacks in Brussels.

Trump's proposals have drawn criticism from other Republicans who have argued that the businessman's views are inconsistent at best and risky at worst.

TRUMP: I don't want to use, I don't want to start the process of nuclear. "He swings from isolationism to military adventurism within the space of one sentence". He said it despite the fact that it was the USA, not Europe who signed the Budapest Memorandum and guaranteed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in exchange for the transfer of the world's third-largest nuclear arsenal.

Trump suggested that European nations should take a more active role, without the United States, in matters such as helping Ukraine defend itself from Russian aggression. "To the extent it's coherent at all, it's essentially a form of isolationism", said Cohen, a professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies. "With the Muslim thing, I think it's a serious problem".

"Trump's foreign policy is the Obama-Hillary "leading from behind" strategy, he said. "The "hunker down behind our wall" strategy is not likely to work", Feaver said.

Trump met with Washington Post's editorial board on Monday to answer questions about his political positions. "I mean, we're like the policemen of the world".

Trump also cited military assistance to the United States gives to Germany, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. Especially read it if you are a Trump supporter, know someone who is or think the election doesn't matter. I don't think we're treated fair, Charles, anywhere. They said, would you send troops?

"I allowed myself to be identified with that group", he said in an emailed statement "because some members of the group are friends of mine".

Trump's direct quotes from the Post's transcript doesn't inspire hope for his comprehension of complex foreign policy questions when speaking with the Post's CEO Fred Ryan, either. "It changes from day to day". "I'm doing, actually, if you look at the polls, a lot of the polls that came out, in the, um, what do they call it?"