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All season long, tension has been growing between the formerly inseparable pair of the Flash's Rogues, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. This is backstory that makes the whole conflict more painful. Rip in the meantime is having some regrets of his own, such as never being able to forgive himself for failing his family. We find out that the crew of the Waverider has been sitting around for a week while Hunter was unable to figure out how to find Savage. After they board the ship, they're attacked by a group of men.

After Rip informs Professor Stein of the team's latest dilemma, they (conveniently enough) receive a distress call from the Time Master ship, the Akeron. Like the good heroes/lovers of violence that they are, the team rushes off to save the ship.

Rip defeats the pirates and messages the Waverider telling them they've regained control of the other ship.

Rip quickly dispatches the time pirate and opens the doors. Despite their gut feeling that they are about to be entering a trap, the team decides to follow along with Rip's decision to come to the time ship’s rescue. Ray fixes the hole, but runs out of oxygen at the last second. Stein, who is still free, searches for a way to find them. He tells them, "Boys, the ship's all yours".

For the record, the current occupants of Waverider are Rip and the disparate individuals he recruited from the year 2016: Martin Stein (Victor Garber) and Jax (Franz Drameh), who form Firestorm together, Ray Palmer/Atom (Brandon Routh), Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz), Rory/Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) and Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), and Kendra/Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée).

Image via the CW
Image via the CW

A minor plot in this episode revolves around Kendra and Ray finding romance. There's plenty of time for nice character moments, but it doesn't feel gratuitous, and nobody really feels horribly neglected as a character. This is where the show's still shaky grasp of time travel serve as a problem.

Pulling an Arrow, we flashback to the early days of Rip Hunter's career as a Time Master in training.

Let's talk about the fake-out, shall we? First of all, a huge deal has been made of Snart's code, not killing without a reason. He has confidence in Rory taking on the pirates though, he stood up for him ever since they were kids, so who will stand up to them now? Secondly, the cast is utterly abusive to Mick in this episode. To suddenly treat one of them like an actual dog is too far out of the ordinary to be anything but misdirection. Captain Valor beats Mick.

What did you think of this week's episode? This team includes Sara, Cold, Kendra and Ray. Ray eventually recalls what Kendra said and the two kiss. They are, however, both wrong. Shocker, I know. Laying in wait for the team is a gaggle of "time pirates", led by John Valor (who I'll get into in the notes) looking to steal the Waverider from the Legends to continue their pirating ways. Kanjar Ro is a space dictator who, whenever he shows up, you know it's moderately serious business. Dr. Stein is eager to journey through Deep Space, citing childhood love for a "Rick Starr" comics. The Space Ranger showed up in several issues of Showcase in the 50s, before moving to Mystery In Space. Ray is made acting captain of the Waverider which is a beyond stupid choice. "I want to go home". He punches him out of an airlock.