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Double-tap to wake is of course a very desirable feature, as it essentially turns your whole screen into a massive On button, meaning you do not have to reach to the sometimes awkwardly placed power button.

One of the Microsoft Feedback posts that requested Microsoft to bring the Double Tap to Wake feature to Lumia 950 just got a response that confirms the feature is being worked on, and will hopefully be rolling out to any devices that could support it soon.

The Italian Windows blog reported that version 2016.515.11.0 of the Camera app features a new panorama button next to the traditional "photo" and "video" buttons.

According to a new leak, Microsoft will integrate a Panorama mode option in the default Windows 10 Mobile camera app. It adds that the feature can be used when holding a phone in a vertical position.

At the end of April, Gabe Aul tweeted that if users want double tap to come to Windows 10 Mobile, they'll need to upvote it.