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Nintendo has released new information on their new "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" games on the 3DS. The new trailer shows all three, as well as two intimidating beasts who are no doubt new legendary Pokemon that have all kinds of incredible powers.

In the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" official website, the owl-looking Pokemon who is known as Rowlet is listed as a Grass Quill Pokemon. Rowlet is a grass/flying type Pokemon with a mean fashion sense.

There may come a time when GameFreak run out of animals to use as inspiration for their devastatingly cute Pokemon; by 2030, we'll probably see a fire-type toaster facing off against a water-type bidet or something like that. The Water starter is the sea lion Pokemon Popplio.

Pokemon Sun & Moon were initially announced during a very short Nintendo Direct back in January. More importantly, IGN noted that people can see three starter Pokemon for the Pokemon Sun and Moon, namely Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" will also follow the traditional way of playing Pokemon, which is what the company wants for the players.

The new box art for the games featuring the new legendary Pokemon
The new box art for the games featuring the new legendary Pokemon

Showcasing the more accessible language features in the newer Pokemon games, the schoolboy is able to use his new Pokemon game as an ice-breaker and make some new friends.

Perhaps the most impressive part about all this is the insane speed at which the Pokemon fandom has churned out their interpretations. Both the games are said to release on November the 18th this year, for the Nintendo 3DS.

Look at how adorable these new Pokemon are!


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