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These episodes were all about Chad, or more specifically, ABC's attempt to milk the most it could out of perhaps the biggest "Bachelor" franchise villain since Juan "Ess okay" Pablo or Jake "Clenched Fist" Pavelka.

So how does JoJo feel about all this? I don't know what is going on with him. Suddenly, I feel like we're getting an all-too-real glimpse at Evan's childhood.

The boys were starstruck. Well, many are thinking that there is one. "It was intense seeing somebody that you've grown up and watched on TV standing in front of you". What we have I don't think can be matched by anyone else in the house right now. I mean, if I hang out with you, it's gonna make me look bad, too, right?

Roethlisberger delivered his lines beautifully.

"Are you trying to insinuate that I'm stupid, Jordan?". "If I'm friends with you". Later, he was seen in the stands looking out at the men fumbling while eating a snack. "One man to another". When 27-year-old frontrunner Jordan Rodgers made a statement that Alex would definitely be the one returning, Chad's anger erupted into a fuming outburst that crossed the final line as he threatened to find Jordan after the show ended to assault him.

It was all very troubling and I can't wait until JoJo sends him home, which I have a feeling is coming in tonight's episode. They're gonna be all happy to see her in a bathing suit. Eventually, James Taylor-not the singer-songwriter but yes, a singer-songwriter-started bleeding from the head and was informed he would require stitches. "It's like a 1 on 1 with me and JoJo where we basically had this needy little guy trailing behind us." . In true Texas football fashion, my guys went after it. I was giving the other guys direction and telling them what was going to go on, and many of them had a lot of questions and were engaging with me. But poor James T! "I know he has it in him".

This is her second chance at love. She's not a fan of Chad's behavior, but she does admit she's still intrigued by him and wants to get to know him better.

Eventually Chad deduced that JoJo was either an actress or an expletive since she'd so clearly been into him, and that Alex had lied about Chad threatening people - um, dude, we all heard what you said to Jordan - and he had to go find Alex. At one point, we see JoJo revealing that she needs to tell the guys something very important, and that they should be anxious.

But some viewers were surprised by the producers' lack of involvement when it came to Chad's repeated threats of violence, and wondered if and when they would step in.

- Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) June 8, 2016 Coincidently I took my classes in 2012 & it helped tremendously, but I'm the black Chad & I love you. "So the only way that I know and I think that I can get you to shut your mouth, is to hit you in it." . She thinks he may be struggling because he just lost his mom, but she isn't quite sure.