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The topic about emotions and feelings is not new at all, but we want to draw your attention to the fact that the emotions - is the main starting point for a visit at the casino. Since a sharp drop of fear, horror, impatience, while stagnation of blood in the veins to the incredible happiness, delivers such an amount of adrenaline that some gambling players need to go through this again in casinos

Let’s pay the attention to main emotions of a gambler.

Horror. Usually, such mood is expressed by a very powerful combination of cards in poker player's hands when you put on the line a huge amount of money. Take a look at this situation. The breath is slowing down, plenty of disturbing thoughts, as if before an exam, eyes staring at one point: where the ball will land and what the dealer will. In addition, you can understand that you have given the rest of the money, or made a too big bet and you want to take it back! Be very careful while staying in this state, if you are not alone or at the online casino usa

Joy. It comes together with the horror. And it will be the main reason for the next trip to the casino. It is doubly pleasant to realize that now you will be able to spend money on something you could not buy before. And there are some negative points. First, raise the stakes - it is quite adequate desire, because luck is on your side today. Second, you will immediately be able to put off a sum of money which is affordable to you. In this case, all your money will be gone with the fast speed as a result of your game, because in your won subconscious, you have lost it already quite a while. We don’t want to disappoint you or spoil the pleasure from game. However, we suggest you to leave all these two big emotions behind.

 Try to use your head while you are playing and calculate your moves instead of hope for luck.