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Why this matters: Since Microsoft hopes to see HoloLens as a productivity tool it helps to have key apps like email and calendar inside the device. "For developers, Windows Holographic apps can be written today with confidence that they will run on the broadest set of devices". Sure, there are gaming apps like Minecraft and RoboRaid, but it's the practical apps that really get me excited like those recently announced by Microsoft's Outlook team. Microsoft revealed in its BUILD 2016 conference last month Office apps working in its mixed reality environment.

Microsoft's HoloLens concept is exciting in theory, but it's not quite accessible to the masses yet.

And, when you need to see what's coming up next in your day, just glance over to your new, virtual wall calendar.

The Mail app will let you project your inbox on your office wall if you're so inclined.

Outlook and Calendar join several other Microsoft apps now available in preview versions on the development version of the HoloLens platform, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

The Windows Everywhere ideal has a renewed significance with Windows 10 and chief executive officer Satya Nadella's promise that Windows 10 will have one billion users within the first three years of its availability.

Reporting on Microsoft's vision to make the Windows Holographic platform popular, Engadget states the company is planning to allow others to create gear for it. This gear, according to Microsoft, could also include a VR headset similar to the HoloLens which the company is now in the process of shipping to developers.

Tech giant Microsoft aims to establish its holographic technology as the go-to operating system for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices. Thus, Outlook Mail on HoloLens becomes the first email experience available in mixed reality.

If you are one of the lucky few who already purchased the $3,000 developer kit from Microsoft, the apps are yours for the picking.