The possibility of a Crash Bandicoot reboot for the PlayStation 4 game console might happen after a Swiss retailer called Alcom listed the game on their website. In that story, the source described such performance as "terrible". This new version for PS4 and Xbox One supposedly features enhanced visuals, all of the additional downloadable content for the game and, most impressively, mod support. Rumour has it that the company has not one but two new Xbox One consoles in the pipeline, including a more compact model this year and a more powerful model in 2017. Games like Sea of Thieves, Recore, and Halo Wars 2 are a great start, but Microsoft should also get ahead and announce Halo 5: Guardians coming to Windows 10, along with Gears of War 4 to show they really are intent on moving into the PC space.

Back during the hustle and bustle of the holiday hoopla/New Year season, it was announced via Sony and Double Fine that the original Psychonauts game was going to get a release for the Playstation 4.

The NEO is likely to be the press conference's highlight.

Nintendo (NTDOY) is expected to announce the launch date of its next hardware system, NX, in 2016.

Of course, many other game-makers that will reveal titles at the show don't have their own conferences, and will instead ally themselves with Microsoft or Sony to make the announcement. Time exclusives aren't as exciting as new game reveals, but they accomplish an important goal for a console maker: they establish which console a new player must purchase to play with friends.

Are we in for a surprise announcement and release next week at E3 2016?

That's why you should make sure the Sony PlayStation E3 press event is in your calendar.

The Xbox One Scorpio is the wildcard of the three, with Microsoft having even denied its existence publicly. The 2016 E3 Expo in Los Angeles starts on 14 June and numerous industry's biggest names are gearing up for their pre-show press conferences - often the highlight of the week, given the events place all-new games and hardware centre stage. And then there is the Xbox brand, while the Xbox 360 was a big success (despite the RROD issue), the Xbox One has continued to trail behind the PS4 and it doesn't look like this trend will reverse anytime soon. Little is known of the game at the time of this writing, though Rare has said that it will allow players to group up with their friends, sail the seas, throw one another overboard, stage mutinies and engage in firefights with other bands of pirates.

The company will seek to further extend its lead this year with a more powerful console, a virtual reality headset, and a considerable number of first-party games.