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Microsoft is kicking off a campaign touting the power-saving capabilities of its Edge as a key selling point for its built-in Windows 10 browser.

On June 20, company officials are publicizing results of its own controlled lab tests which show Edge bests other browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Microsoft execs also blogged about the processes and the lab set-up the company used to test the battery life of Windows machines running various browsers.

In the first test, it measured typical browsing behavior on popular sites by opening multiple tabs - Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia. The company tested Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome and their own brower Microsoft Edge. Microsoft concludes that the PC running Edge lasted 70 percent longer than the PC running Chrome, 43 percent longer than the one running Firefox, and 17 percent longer than the one with Opera.

The software giant determined that you'll only get about four hours and 19 minutes while streaming videos on Chrome. Firefox outlasts the former, but Microsoft Edge is the clear victor.

In addition to the lab tests, Microsoft claims telemetry data aggregated from millions of Windows 10 devices show similar real-world results.

What is interesting is that the Edge browser from Microsoft managed to last a total of over three hours longer than Google's Chrome browser.

In the other test, the browsers were put through an automated cycle of opening sites, scrolling through articles, watching videos, and opening new tabs.

Edge reportedly performed from 36 per cent to 53 per cent better than rivals.

“Microsoft Edge wins out in every case, which translates to longer battery life for you”, Microsoft says.