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The plan is designed for small or medium-sized businesses not for individuals. There are some perks, though, including accidental damage coverage, hardware and software discounts, and one-on-one training sessions - not to mention the ability to upgrade to the next Surface whenever that comes out.

Plans are customizable over 18, 24, or 30 months, and you can choose everything from the processor to the memory and storage options within your new two-in-one. The plan is similar to Apple's iPhone Upgrade Plan.

That's why the overall payment plan is a little more expensive than what you would pay for the hardware outright - but that's par for the course with subscription systems, and you do get some extras with the membership plan.

Those who opt to pay out for their devices in monthly installments can pick out between an 18, 24 or 30-month plan.

For more pricing details, check out Microsoft's Surface Membership Plan page. Changes to the form factor made in Surface Pro 3 transformed the device from a bit of an oddity into a flexible device offering numerous strengths of both a laptop and a tablet, and this change has driven increased corporate interest.

It is worth noting that the Surface Membership is financed through LiftForward and users will need to go through an approval process to be able to purchase a Surface device.

Spotted first by Paul Thurrott, the scheme allows Surface hardware, from the Atom-powered Surface 3 all the way up to the Surface Book, to be bought on a monthly price plan. "Once you sign your agreement, Microsoft will ship your Surface and activate your Surface Membership benefits".