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On Monday night, in a long and very worthwhile conversation about the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Colbert pressed O'Reilly on whether Donald Trump, by gloating about being right about the attack, is using it for political gain.

Applause erupted when Colbert pointed out that it's grandstanding.

O'Reilly himself later appeared on CBS' "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert and agreed that Trump congratulated himself for predicting Orlando.

According to O'Reilly, the USA should enter an "all-out war" against ISIS in response to the shooting. "What we need to do here is, every crime - every single crime committed with a gun in this country, whether it's Orlando terrorism or whether it's Chicago and the inner-city drug gangs - every crime is then a federal crime", with tough mandatory minimum sentences. I get many calls from people, who are Muslim, thanking me. "FDR did it with the Japanese", O'Reilly noted. "I think he made a mistake, but he did it".

After Colbert cautioned against this by drawing parallels to the nation's post-9/11 troubles in Iraq, O'Reilly remained unfazed. "It's time for America to step up its power and take care of these SOBs", he said.

As for how attacks like this one will affect the presidential race, O'Reilly said Trump "has the advantage on this one" and will not hesitate to exploit that advantage for all it's worth.

"Mrs. Clinton is bringing a more nuanced situation", O'Reilly said.

Earlier in the show, Colbert spoke directly to the audience about the unsettling feeling of having delivered a similarly somber monologue before.