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Although last week lacked any big news announcements from Microsoft as we drift closer to E3 2016, Xbox owners were treated at least to a new selection of free games with June's Games with Gold offer on Xbox Live.

Microsoft has been looking at melding PC gaming with the Xbox One, and with the console being updated to work with Windows 10, we could end up seeing the two become one.

The assistant - which users activate by saying "Hey Cortana" before their command - will allow gamers to find new games, see what friends are doing, start a party, perform common tasks, and turn on the Xbox (if you're using Kinect), and more.

Microsoft is also adopting an opt-in approach for Preview members, just as it did for the release of the New Xbox Experience.

Meanwhile, top PC games such as League of Legends and XCOM 2 are being brought together with the Xbox Live community, with PC games to have their own Game Hubs on Xbox Live.

Xbox One Summer Update
Microsoft Xbox One Summer Update

The DVR was supposed to give users the ability to schedule recordings on the go and to download or stream shows to mobile devices. Now it's much easier to see which of the games are on discount and it's also easier to see all the deals through Xbox Live Gold.

You'll also find that there will be new tabs that will hold certain video games that may be readily available to install. The company has previously announced many Xbox One system updates at this event and we're pretty sure that next week will be showcased the upcoming update.

Gamers will be able to video edit clips that were recorded on either Xbox One or PC. However, Windows 10 doesn't officially support Windows Media Center at all. Of course Xbox One uses need to realize that quote and I will not be able to function the same way like she functions in a computer.


With these various updates and plans, Microsoft seems to unite the Xbox and the Windows 10 platform to fill the gap that always existed among PC's and consoles.