The automated screening lanes incorporate technology and screening station modifications that are created to enhance security effectiveness while decreasing the time travelers spend in security screening by approximately 30%.

American Airlines passengers could spend less time in security screening lines at Los Angeles International Airport under a partnership between the airline and the Transportation Security Administration announced Tuesday.

The belts running your bags through the X-ray machines will be automated to pull the bags in and return the bins when finished.

The technology, now in use for checked luggage, could allow travellers to leave carry-on liquids and laptops stowed in their bags.

In Phoenix, TSA and American Airlines will also deploy a pilot program by the end of the year which incorporates CT technology, now only used to X-ray checked bags, into the security line.

The current CT technology used in U.S. airports to screen checked bags is also expected to bring about improvements.

The bins you put your carry-on bags in will be 25 percent larger.

One of the automated screening lanes set for testing in Phoenix, Arizona, uses computed tomography (CT) technology.

Customers forced to wait in long security lines complained to the airline, and the airline, in turn, complained to the federal government.

By collaborations with airports, vendors, airlines, and the counter-terrorism communities, TSA also intends to introduce additional automated checkpoint lanes in order to improve the screening process and minimise wait times.

"Neither initiative is a slam dunk to solve TSA woes, but they are both huge steps in the right direction", Isom said. At the time, American called the checkpoint lines "unacceptable". And the TSA could deploy this technology to other passenger checkpoints nationwide.

In May, transit officials wrote to the TSA to complain that the "public has reached a breaking point" with airport security.

TSA's July 5 announcement of automated security lane trials comes after terrorist bombings at Brussels and Istanbul Ataturk airports raised concerns about crowding in airport landside areas prior to screening.

In April, American was one of the airlines criticizing the TSA for its long security wait times.

The TSA-American Airlines joint-initiative will also roll out automated screening lanes, now in a TSA pilot program with Delta in Atlanta, in four airports in the fall: Chicago (O'Hare), Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami.