Bernie Sanders (D-VT) endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president on Tuesday. "This campaign is about the needs of the American people", Sanders said in May 2015. "Because as much as people might think that [Republican candidate Donald] Trump is a buffoon, which he probably is, the fact remains that this could be a close race and there has to be a unified constituency".

"Our job now is to see that platform implemented by a Democratic Senate, a Democratic House and a Hillary Clinton president", he said, "and I am going to do everything I can to make that happen".

News of Mr. Sanders's endorsement of Mrs. Clinton follows developments that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will not charge her for any alleged criminal activities stemming from her handling of classified government information on a private email server.

"With the Democratic Party on track to ratify the most progressive platform in recent history, and Clinton continuing to campaign on progressive ideas, Sanders supporters can feel good that they helped to transform the future of the Democratic Party and America". Sanders himself penned a heartfelt letter to supporters, acknowledging that he understands some of them may be "disappointed". "Democrats are united to support Hillary Clinton because she will fight for our values", Agre said. And it will take place days before the Republican convention opens to officially nominate presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton told Sanders in front of a huge crowd, "I am proud to be fighting alongside you because, my friends, this is a time for all of us to stand together".

Mr Trump, always quick to criticise his rivals, tweeted hours before Mr Sanders' official endorsement of Ms Clinton: "Bernie Sanders, who has lost most of his leverage, has totally sold out to crooked Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, Sanders finally offered Clinton his endorsement ..."