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The pair campaigned in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday morning.

John Burton, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, has issued the following statement on Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Though Sanders said repeatedly that he would vote for Clinton in the general election after her edge on him grew so significant that she was deemed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, he has not yet endorsed.

A recent poll by PEW Research showed 9 percent of Sanders Supporters endorsing Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of Clinton supporters like Terrence Carroll.

The internet was quick to pick up on Sanders' perceived discomfort, and rushed to quip about it.

Putting aside the acrimony, Ms Clinton thanked Mr Sanders for his endorsement - even if their body language did not exude warmth and was downright awkward at times. She echoed her campaign slogan, telling the crowd "we are stronger together".

The former USA secretary of state hopes the Portsmouth appearance with Sanders will help her win over his supporters, some of whom held Sanders signs at the rally and chanted his name.

Though Sanders has yet to formally suspend his own campaign, it's highly unlikely he will take the nomination away from Clinton at the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Likely Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein lamented Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton Tuesday, tweeting, "many Bernie hearts are breaking right now".

His speech was full of Sanders' typical bromides about income inequality, the evil one-percenters that are keeping the rest of us down, and free college.

Sanders had been calling for Clinton to embrace a more progressive agenda before he endorsed her.

According to Clinton's aides, the final Democratic Party platform includes language supporting a financial transaction tax that reflects the ideas, which Sanders are fighting for.

"We build bridges, not walls", Clinton said, referring to Trump's proposal to build a large wall to prevent illegal immigration.