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Now, there is still information trickling out and some say that police shot and killed the wrong man, but if it wasn't Alton Sterling they were looking for, then who was?

A statement issued Friday by Quinyetta McMillon's attorneys says "responding to violence with violence is not the answer".

An Army veteran fatally shot five police officers and wounded six other officers during Thursday night's downtown protest over the deaths of Sterling and Castile.

"Now, I'm walking a mile with them".

Twelve Dallas Police and transit officers were shot by snipers, with four Dallas police officers and one Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer killed.

Richard Carbo, spokesman for Gov. Edwards, said the USA attorney's office in Baton Rouge will look into not only whether civil rights were violated, but also any other violations of state and federal law.

"It's always labeled as police shoot unarmed man, it's never police shoots man resisting, which makes it pretty easy for people who are on the edge of being violent to become radicalized".

Muflahi exited his store to let police know that there was no one who had been threatening and no one brandishing a gun.

"I do not believe in my heart that there was a gun", she said, suggesting that police said he was armed "to cover up something".

Sterling was the 558th person to be killed by police in the us this year, according to The Guardian's database, The Counted.

Authorities have not released the race of the two officers, who have been placed on administrative leave, which is standard department procedure.

If they find any violation of state laws, the USA attorney's office will refer it back to the local district attorney for prosecution. I don't want the death penalty for them.

Court records show Sterling had pleaded guilty in 2011 to being a felon in possession of a firearm and illegally carrying a weapon. Sterling, 37, was shot and killed outside the convenience store, where he was selling CDs. "That is the past", she said. "Right now, we're focusing on what happened to him". Then, just two days later, another black man - Philando Castile - was shot and killed in his auto by Minnesota police. Sterling was standing outside of that convenience store selling some bootleg CDs and ended up being shot dead, but was he the man that the police were there for in the first place?

Only a few hours before the Dallas ambush, rumors swirled around Baton Rouge that police were involved in another shooting.

In New York City, supporters of the Black Lives Matter social justice movement chanted as they walked through crowded streets. "Y'all have guns. We have posters!"

In New Orleans, more than two dozen protesters briefly lay down in front of the police headquarters in a symbolic die-in.

At a vigil on Thursday evening, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards thanked the people of Baton Rouge for their peaceful demonstrations and promised to focus on improving law enforcement.

"Horrific, despicable, outrageous, and appalling", Ben Frazier with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said of three most recent shootings across the country.

State Rep. Denise Marcelle of Baton Rouge, who has been at the forefront of the protests, said the chief told her that body cameras fell off both officers during their "tussle" with Sterling.