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A split appears to be emerging among conservatives about who Donald Trump should choose as his vice president, as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee prepares to announce his running mate, according to conversations with several prominent Republicans.

At the rally, Pence slammed Clinton, saying that "to paraphrase the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I think it would be "extremely careless" to elect Hillary Clinton as president".

He sounds like one of Trump's biggest fans. Both line up nicely with what Trump has said he's looking for in a running mate.

But he flew to IN on Wednesday morning to meet with Trump.

Trump has held tryouts of sorts for each of his potential picks, and the process he seems to be using has drawn more than one comparison to the reality TV world that boosted Trump ahead of his presidential run.

The day also carried the lure of intrigue: Trump initially was expected to depart IN on Tuesday evening, hours after Pence had a well-received audition for the running-mate role at a raucous Trump rally IN Westfield. "There are a number of other noteworthy Americans that they are considering, and I'm just honoured to be on that list".

Christie, a tough-talking politician himself, already campaigned with Trump in Virginia on Monday.

He has campaigned with all three in recent days as he girds for perhaps the most consequential decision of his campaign ahead of the November 8 election. Kushner and Trump's children have played important roles in the campaign.

Sources claim Trump's children are pushing their father to pick Pence, while the billionaire is leaning towards Christie.

Trump, who attended a rally Tuesday in Westfield with the Republican governor, was scheduled to fly home to NY immediately after but was forced to stay overnight due to a mechanical issue with his plane. He would also bring Midwestern appeal.

But Pence has had a couple of missteps as Indiana's chief executive. A religious freedom law he signed had to be revised because it was seen as discriminating against gays and lesbians, and he had to abandon plans to create a state-run news agency.

"Throughout history vice presidential selections seldom make much difference in the election".

And Gingrich, like Trump, does absolutely nothing for the Republican Party in a time where it desperately needs to get younger and far, far more diverse. "He's a good guy".

Trump on stage to announce VP...

- Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) July 12, 2016 To those of you who thought it was impossible to make a Trump ticket more unlikeable, we give you Newt Gingrich!

Regardless, social media chatter is aflame with Newt discussion, and most of it is... not so good for Trump.

Pence is being considered as a possible vice presidential candidate, but he says the likely GOP nominee made no offers today.

But on Wednesday, Trump told Fox: "I just want to pick up somebody that's solid, who's smart".

Christie, 53, a one-time rival to Trump in the presidential race, is seen as a kindred spirit of Trump who would be a strong counterpuncher to Democrat Hillary Clinton, 68.