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So while Niantic and Pokemon Go can't pay for anything or alter your passwords, they can view and send emails on in your name, edit or delete your Google docs, look at your search history, stored photos and more. They are caught by hitting them with virtual balls tossed by swiping across touch screens. But I don't know anything about Niantic's security policies. And finally, "the National Safety Council report estimated that distracted-walking incidents involving cellphones accounted for 11,101 injuries from 2000 through 2011", which the NY Post pointed to during their reporting on New Jersey's aim to make the act illegal earlier this year.

Pokémon GO is a free-to-play game with microtransactions for things like potions and incense to attract Pokémon. He passed on a statement from Google as to what "full account access" means - which confirms it does not grant the permissions described above.

Nintendo's Pokemon Go app has been out less than a week but already the game's meteoric rise has seen it commandeered by armed robbers, turn up a dead body and linked to countless traffic violations.

At least one security analyst says that signing up to play Pokemon Go could be putting your private personal information at risk.

This behavior seems to be limited only for some iOS devices (not all) and does not affect Android users. For example, traveling to a PokeStop within the game may allow the user to collect rare items.

GM: Have the companies involved with the game said anything yet about fixing the problem?

While ths issue applies only to iOS users right now, its an important reminder of why we have to check regularly the access that has been granted to our accounts, like Google, Facebook and Twitter when we use them for simple sign-ons.

The game was the most downloaded free app on Apple's app store while Nintendo's shares surged almost 25 per cent for their biggest daily gains in history based on Pokemon Go's success. Google is working to reduce the game's permissions. She's a librarian, a writer, and a quilt designer. Jackie's obsessed with cardigans and thinks Die Hard is the best Christmas movie there is.