Labour Party rebels in Hounslow defied party orders and showed their support for Jeremy Corbyn - by hitting the pub.

The scene is now set for a showdown between Corbyn, who has the support of thousands of left-wing activists, and the moderate wing of the Labour party who see him as an election liability.

"I'm not prepared to stand by and let the Labour Party, the party I love and that has been the greatest force for good in this country, split".

Jeremy Corbyn was in Blackpool in May when he addressed members of the Fire Brigades Union at the national conference at the Imperial Hotel in North Shore.

Both have launched campaigns but MPs are desperate that only one of them should face off against the leader - to avoid splitting anti-Corbyn support.

It comes days after another Labour MP, Angela Eagle, launched her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. "But I hope and expect it will be me".

On Tuesday the party ruled he had the automatic right to stand in the contest without needing to be nominated by lawmakers.

But shadow chancellor John McDonnell insisted that he expected an "amicable" contest which would focus on policies.

But a spokesperson for the Jeremy For Labour campaign said: "A Labour subcommittee can't just make up rules to get the result they want; they have to be accountable to our party".

Britain should vote again on whether to remain in the European Union once a Brexit deal is agreed, Owen Smith, one of three candidates vying to lead Britain's Opposition Labour Party, told the Guardian newspaper on Thursday.

"I have spoken to many MPs who are friends of mine on the Labour benches who are genuinely intimidated by the behaviour of the insane few".

He was going to say: "So now it falls to a new generation of Labour MPs to step forward and secure Labour's future".

Since the announcement, Corbyn supporter Lauren Ashby has created a crowdfunding page in a bid to raise £5,000 to help cover the cost for those who wish to have their say.

"The Labour Party can't become the new nasty party for women, or indeed for anyone else".

The £25 fee is much higher than the £3 charged to take part in the 2015 contest when Mr Corbyn was first elected as Labour leader.

It found two thirds (66 per cent) of voters think the party should ditch Mr Corbyn before the 2020 general election - up from 42 per cent in October.