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Thanks to nostalgia for the '90s Nintendo game, excitement over its mass introduction to augmented reality and a summertime launch amid a time when players could use a distraction from the current news cycle, it only took one weekend of playing for the Nintendo-owned game to become an overnight sensation - even boosting its stock.

In an open letter to Niantic CEO John Hanke, Franken wrote that the game's "privacy policy states that all of this information can then be shared with The Pokemon Company and "third-party service providers, ' details for which are not provided and further indicates that 'Pokemon Go" may share de-identified or aggregated data with other third parties for a nonexhaustive list of purposes".

However, there's a new interesting discovery made by two Reddit users that might have revealed an upcoming partnership between Pokemon Go and McDonald's.

Many users are trying all kinds of tricks to download the app as it is not yet available in all countries worldwide.

While they have released patches for both iOS and Android users, many players are unaware that they need to manually revoke the game's "Full Access" status before they can reset the app's permissions to "Basic" (wherin they can only access your name and email address).

Reports on how long bans last have varied from minutes to several hours, but an hour seems to be most common.

Kurzius explained that while her iPhone did not have enough storage space to download the app, she played it on a friend's Android, citing data security concerns. If you're sick of hearing about the cute characters, install the PokeGone extension for Chrome, and remove all traces of Pokemon from your browser. A petition has been set up to let players suggest new locations for Pokestops and Gyms to combat the problem. Do let us know what you are thinking about the VR Edition of Pokemon Go in comments below.

Reddit users KcYoung and NeoProfessorWillow dug into the Pokemon Go code and found that McDonald's came up quite a bit which led to speculation that perhaps we'll see a partnership brew up.

A man in Boston woke up to players outside his home with their phones pointed at it, as he lived in a repurposed church which had been tagged as a gym by the game.