"Everybody involved in the Black Lives Matter movement..." The two men had their arms around each other.

Baton Rouge authorities claim that some protestors, like Mckesson, were blocking a major thoroughfare and ignoring officers' order to stay out of the road.

"We need to take a stand against all hate crime and the now even more rampant unjust killings of black people on both sides of the pond".

"We have people stopping us and it's great to see that and we just want to come together here", said Boston Police Superintendent Bernard O'Rourke.

Organisers of a Black Lives Matter march through the centre of Bristol on Sunday are to hold another event - a candlelit vigil on College Green.

Blain said Vancouverites shouldn't think their city is immune to the kind of racial tensions seen south of the border.

It also included memorials for the police officers killed in Dallas Thursday night, and for other black victims of police violence that haven't yet been memorialized in Vancouver. Authorities in Dallas said that the man's motive was apparently retaliation for police killings of black men and that he had been disenchanted with the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement.

Giuliani spoke of a difference between white and black communities, and said there is "too much violence" in the black community in comparison with the white community.

Police have been tight-lipped about exactly what they're investigating and what they've uncovered so far. "And then to chastise black people to solve a problem in our communities that is actually rather prevalent in every community is increasingly and incredibly short sighted".

At least 48 people were arrested Sunday in Baton Rouge, local media said, hours after Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said that 102 protesters had been arrested in late Saturday demonstrations.

That comment was in response to the deadly police shooting of a black teen in Ferguson, Missouri. About 100 people were arrested in protests, and 21 officers and state troopers were hurt. "Pandora Radio openly supports an organization that chooses to kill American law enforcement officers".

"I'm exhausted of seeing my brothers die", said Rijo, 18, a student living in East New York.

Ditmas Park resident Daniel Loomis, 36, said the "sense of futility" was hard to deal with, but protesting was one thing he could do.