"Jeremy was elected as leader through a democratic process by the membership of the Labour Party and as such the PLP should stand behind Jeremy and further fight the Tory austerity measures".

"I want to ensure our country can be healed after the awful shock that Brexit is going to inflict on it".

Angela Eagle, a senior gay Labour MP, has officially launched her bid for leadership.

"We've all stood on the shoulders of what Labour governments in the past have done -if we're not in government we can't spread those chances around our society more widely".

Ms Eagle's leadership bid comes after 172 Labour MPs indicated that they had no confidence in Mr Corbyn in a vote in which he garnered the support of just 40 Westminster colleagues.

Following the en mass walkout of the Corbyn's shadow cabinet and the resignation of the Prime Minister David Cameron, Britain remains in political turmoil.

'I have got life experience and values. "I am my own woman".

"I'm a gay woman - I know the difference between hope and fear".

Mr Drew said: "The meeting was overwhelming".

A senior Labour source told the PoliticsHome website that Mr Smith will announce his candidacy this week.

On a drizzly Monday lunchtime in Angela Eagle's constituency of Wallasey, in Merseyside, reaction to the MP's decision to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership ranged from total apathy to abject fury.

The party's national executive committee (NEC) will meet on Tuesday to set out the terms of the contest, and to rule on whether Mr Corbyn should automatically appear on the ballot.

Corbyn hinted on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that he was ready to go to court if the party ruled he had to get 20% of fellow MPs and MEPs.

While Corbyn can speak effectively to those who agree with him, he makes little or no effort to persuade those of differing views to join him, said Victoria Honeyman, an expert on British politics at the University of Leeds.

Kierran Horsfield got a tattoo of the Labour leader's face below his right shoulder in November 2015, when Mr Corbyn was riding on the crest of popular grassroots support that saw him elected party leader with nearly 60% of the vote.

"Actually, the parliamentary party should be really looking at themselves and asking are they actually doing what's in the best interest of British democracy - are they really doing what's in the best interests of the Labour Party?"

"For me it is the nearness of the next election that is most pressing".

An official from the party said: "It's probably fair to say that the majority of the Labour members in Stroud back Jeremy Corbyn. When he's on that ballot paper he will win".

His rival Angela Eagle, a former shadow business secretary, accuses Corbyn of playing to his left-wing gallery rather than seeking wider support. He's been hiding behind a door, not talking to his members of parliament.

"We are going to have a leadership election with Jeremy on the ballot". I heard you say it.

"I think she's the Empire Strikes Back candidate", sniped Ms Abbott. I don't think many people will care one way or the other, but I would imagine that my feeling about her not being an effective leader will be shared.

Peter Foreman, a 62-year-old vehicle salesman in Wallasey, said he had always voted for Eagle and thought she would fare better than Corbyn in a general election battle against Theresa May, but felt she had picked the wrong time to mount a leadership challenge.

"There will be no split", she added. In particular, it is not yet clear whether Corbyn, as sitting leader, will automatically be on the ballot before party members or whether he, too, will need to secure nominations. Particularly if you are leader, you have to be able to talk to people.”.