Democrats staged a House floor sit-in that lasted almost 26 hours last week to call attention to their demand for gun-control votes.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the House Democrats' push for a vote on gun laws is not likely to succeed, but the party's strategy may be effective at making gun control a major topic of the 2016 election. Please consider sharing the Daily Bulletin with your friends and followers. Democrats have promised to stage another sit-in if they don't get a gun control vote.

The Congressional Black Caucus wants Democrats to cause disruptions on the House floor next week Fox News learned from a CBC memo.

Still, Ryan's concession is notable. A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday found that a full 86 percent of registered voters back legislation aimed at barring people on terror watch lists from purchasing guns, compared with just 12 percent who oppose it. Ryan said Democrats were trying to change the focus of the debate about the Orlando killings from terrorism to guns "because they can not stand on their terrorism record", the official said. Democrats say that timetable is insufficient. The measure would be part of a larger package of anti-terror bills. John Cornyn, that failed to pass in the upper chamber.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said recently that President Barack Obama should resign for not having used "radical Islam" in a statement responding to the Orlando massacre, in which police identified the shooter as a US citizen born in NY to Afghan immigrants. It would give the Justice Department three days after a suspected terrorist tries to buy a gun to show that the person should not be allowed to have it. Democrats complain it is onerous and unworkable.

Republicans backing tougher measures appeared divided over Ryan's move.

Scott Rigell, a Virginia Republican, is backing the Collins bill, but his spokeswoman said he would also treat the passage of the Cornyn bill as a victory.

Ryan announced the House will vote also next week on a mental health bill from Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pennsylvania, which is not directly related to gun control but seeks to improve mental health services across the country. On Tuesday, a handful of lawmakers took to the floor in a second protest, with Speaker Paul Ryan saying he would not "tolerate" disruptions.

Ryan has dismissed the sit-in as a "publicity stunt" and said Republicans will be ready for the next one.

It looks Speaker Ryan is shaking in shoes because Democrats are set to rock the House with more civil disobedience.