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Unruh encountered overwhelming opposition from delegates arguing that it would be unthinkable for the party to abandon Trump after he overwhelmingly won GOP primaries and caucuses and garnered more than 13 million votes. "So we're not going to change the wheel", he said on Fox. Mr. Manafort said. "Should we unbind the delegates?"

"The fight is far from over in Cleveland".

"This just proves that Donald Trump did not have the support of enough delegates to be the nominee", Delegates Unbound co-founder Dane Waters said in a statement.

But Lee was clearly in the minority.

But by late afternoon, Ken Cuccinelli - a leader of the conservatives who was an adviser to Cruz's presidential campaign - said GOP leaders he was negotiating with told him, "Sorry, we don't have a deal".

"I wake up this morning to find out that I'm speaking at the Republican National Convention", Tebow said.

"It's just the start", said Unruh, who like many of her allies supported the now abandoned presidential campaign of Texas Sen. "If the delegates were bound as the RNC claimed why vote to bind them?" "I will not turn my back on 14.1 million people that voted for Donald Trump".

It's still not technically over for the group: anti-Trump leaders will have until Monday to submit the names of 28 rules panel members who support the effort in order to force a vote on the floor of the full convention. A vote to end discussion on the proposal received only 21 "no" votes, indicating that a push to force a vote on the convention floor will not reach the 28-delegate threshold.

RNC officials told reporters the delays - at first until 10 a.m. then to 1 p.m. - were the result of a "broken printer" and "technical difficulties". Ted Cruz's presidential campaign.

On the other side, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was personally involved in negotiations, which were mostly conducted through emissaries, according to his spokesman.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to questions about Tebow's departure from a convention program that the NY billionaire's team had long teased would be an extraordinary display of political entertainment. "I think the printer will be fixed", Washington delegate Graham Hunt joked after walking out of the closed-door negotiating session.

Lonegan on Thursday had began operating from a couple of rooms in an suite in a downtown Cleveland office building just blocks from the rules committee.