Ellen DeGeneres, one of America's most beloved amusing people, was called to task by Twitter users, after a digitally alerted image that she posted of herself riding on Usain Bolt's back to the Olympic finish line was deemed racist by the online community.

Ellen DeGeneres posted a picture on Twitter this Tuesday that shows her riding Usain Bolt's back, and the public did not like it at all, especially the Africa-American community.

The picture, uploaded to Twitter on Monday (August 15), was digitally edited to look as if Olympic runner Bolt was giving DeGeneres a piggy-back.

"I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country", wrote DeGeneres in response to the controversy.

Usain Bolt at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Was the tweet racist?

And because this is the era of social media, the photo quickly became a meme on the internet, with users around the world adding their own take on the iconic moment.

Oh, and Bolt retweeted it as well, if that sways your vote at all. Shortly after it was revealed that Nicki Minaj signed a deal for a sitcom about her life, DeGeneres created a skit that poked fun of Minaj's body.

While, the comedian-cum-actress is known to entertain her followers with such cheeky posts, her take on Bolt's victory didn't go down well with the fans of the sprinter.

Bolt has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before; last season he raced an eight-year-old Jamaican video star. Some even demanded the show fire whoever is responsible for the tweet.