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In the casino and close areas, there happen many weird things. In some of these stories is hard to believe, if you are not playing in live casino roulette  by yourself.

It happened with the real people, who dedicated their lives to the game. You will never experience different inconveniences in the online live casino. The main task of live casino managers is to watch that everything is going according plan. Users can always write an open letter, chat with other gamblers on forums across the world and ruin the reputation of casino forever.

Here are some of these curious cases.

One Romanian guy, who lost in the casino of 6000 pounds, was shouting loudly and swearing and he was expelled from the door by the staff of the institution. He was also banned from attending a gambling house in the future. So now he can go to the live casino and try his luck. In protest against this, this man put a chair in front of the casino and went on hunger strike; in his nearest plans is to bring the tent and put it in front of the institution. This guy is going to hold up his protest action as long as he does not receive money that he has lost and he will not be allowed to re-visit the casino.

American citizen once was kicked out from a casino for his bad breath. The gambler, which weighed about 200 kg, has spent in the institution for more than 17 hours, and neighbors in the gambling table complained that he stinks and it is hard to sit near him. The player himself said that an unpleasant smell - not a reason to expel the person from the casino. He was also willing to take a refreshing dip in the bathroom at the casino, but the administration denied his request. Probably he could make a good lawsuit; however, he was a very dedicated gambler and went home, focusing on the live casino. Now he does not have to suit up for the casino. He can play as long as he likes and wear or eat whatever he likes during the game. A lot of people prefer to play in live casino because they are not sure that they want to be socially active during the game.