Onlookers gathered across the street from the tower as the climber scaled the glass building.

Officials did say the man, who is from Virginia, wanted to meet with Trump and posted a YouTube video on Thursday asking for a meeting.

Television footage showed the auburn-haired man with curls dressed in grey shorts, an olive T-shirt and white cap, using five suction cups to mount his ascent.

But that didn't deter solo climber Stephen Rogata from attempting to scale Trump Towers in New York City yesterday using climbing gear and what appeared to be suction cups.

A Trump campaign spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. He had no intention of hurting anyone, he told police. The 58-story build.

After about three hours, the NYPD was able to grab him after removing a large window pane from the 21st floor and drag him inside to safety.

The executive vice president of the Trump Tower Organization, Michael Cohen, released a statement after the incident. He is campaigning out of state. He has said no one can build a wall better than him.

Special operations officers could be seen grabbing the unidentified climber and pulling him into an opened window on the building's 21st floor Wednesday evening.

Officers from the NYPD attempt to detain a man as he climbs the outside of Trump Tower. Police previously said he was 20.

Rogata started scaling the tower about 3:40 p.m., nearly immediately summoning the NYPD and their emergency services unit, officials said. He was being evaluated at a hospital. Much of the event was broadcast live on Facebook.

The details leading up to Rogata's quest to speak with Trump have emerged.

The chase ended when the policemen finally hauled him inside through a window.

Rogata kept his distance by methodically working his way back-and-forth across the facade, repeatedly repositioning suction cups resembling a type commonly used by window washers to remove big panes of glass.

Around 6:30 p.m., NYPD helped pull the man inside the building.