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Despite this, the sixth season still managed to garner some of the highest viewings on television history, and the upcoming season 7 premiere, which is touted to be one of the bloodiest and violent in the show, is guaranteed to rake in even more viewers. AMC won't be making the new season's premiere available for critics, so don't expect the secret to leak early.

Thoughts on AMC's newest web series? "I've had a grandmother and a granddaughter come up to me and say 'Oh my God, we love your show we watch it together.' It has oddly become a family bonding experience to watch The Walking Dead communally".

When we last saw Rick and the gang, they were on their knees, waiting for the terrifying Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to decide which one of them to dispatch with Lucille, his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat.

That's right, our favorite pizza delivery boy and the king of all one-liners are seemingly both set to die in "The Walking Dead" Season 7 premiere.

If the blood trickling down the camera lens and the muffled, horrified screams of witnesses didn't clue you in, being bludgeoned by a barbed wire baseball bat is definitely a awful way to go out. We respect the fans but we also want to remain true not only to the underpinnings of the comic book but to where the characters are in their journeys. Negan victims For him, Season 7 will be so many new places and new characters it will be nearly like the first season of another series.

The spoilers for The Walking Dead could go beyond Negan's victim.

Since it's highly unlikely that Rick will be using the hatchet to kill Negan and escape from the Saviors, it is possible that the villain will chop off his hand. There's a reason why everyone who follows him says, "I'm Negan".

Following a tormenting summer for "Walking Dead" fans, the victim of the zombie series' killer cliff hanger will finally be answered this coming Sunday. Titles like "Too Far Gone" and "JSS" make episodes instantly recognizable because they not only describe the whole story, but they symbolize a significant moment within it. Season 7 has not yet begun and is said to premier its first Episode on October 23. "A lot of care is put into them since they are the primary weapon of zombies".