At the MacBook Pro event, Apple unveiled the LG UltraFine 5K and UltraFine 4K display it had been working on in collaboration with LG.

Still, it's hard not to compare and contrast between Apple's stance that touch interfaces don't work on desktop machines and Microsoft's counter-argument that they very much do. It replaces the useful function keys which include brightness up and down, volume up and down, and mute.

If you're debating whether the extra $300 for the Touch Bar and TouchID is worth it, it depends what kind of user you are. If so, were you able to fix it? You get a lot of the same benefits at a discount. Apple's Maps app offers one-touch access to nearby businesses or directions.

The new MacBook Pro model's Touch Bar has several functional capabilities that enable a variety of commands on certain apps, but it doesn't quite captivate users that long for full touchscreen displays. The Touch Bar's usefulness is immediate and obvious in some cases. For now, Heater admires the functionality the Touch Bar brings to Finder, Media, Photo Galleries, Calendar, Text Formatting, Phone Calls and Emojis. For example, you can scroll through all the tabs you have open on the Safari browser by sliding a finger on the Touch Bar.

If you're desperately seeking a powerful 15-inch MacBook and don't have deep reservoirs of finances, we recommend searching eBay and similar places for lightly used versions of the 2015 model. It can also act as a port for a power adapter to charge the laptop.

For instance, with the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar notebooks, you'll need to be sure to configure it with the SSD size you most desire out of the gate, because upgrading it yourself just isn't possible. Without physical keys, the device is just 0.38 inch thick, or about two-thirds the thickness of the new MacBooks. The Touch ID was also a welcome change to the Mac. Schiller said, "You can't optimize for both. It's the lowest common denominator thinking", Schiller said before confirming that the company's teams did try creating touch screens for the Mac for a "number of times over the years".

The 15-inch model still skips the entry-level Core i5 processors and goes with higher-end i7 chips - jumping up to Intel's 6th-gen silicon this time around. At this point, the feature is nothing more than an add-on to an already competent Apple laptop.