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Google will show election data in search results on Tuesday after the polls close.

Are you wondering where to vote on Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 8?

As soon as you will click on the Google doodle for elections, it will escort you to the tool to that will help you find your nearest polling place. But before you get to the ballot box - and head out with that sticker! - check Google to get the information on where to vote and election results. "In addition to "how to vote, ' Americans are actively searching for 'where to vote" - particularly in battleground states". Since releasing these in-depth search results, we've seen millions of people engage with these tools on Google - there's even been a startling 233% increase in traffic for "how to vote" compared with 2012.

For what will no doubt be one of the most closely and anxiously watched elections in USA history, Google will integrate results into Search. And tune in to some special voting reminder PSAs starring POTUS and some familiar-looking furry friends.

Election Day is tomorrow and no matter what candidate you support, odds are you want to know who will be in charge of our country for at least the next four years.

The "election results" tool is just the latest civil-minded feature Google launched this year.

Last week, search trends appeared to suggest that more people than ever planned to vote early - and that many people wanted to change them to vote for somebody else.