He was in his patrol vehicle when he called for back up for a suspicious person in a stolen Kia Rio.

Deputy Dennis Wallace, who was married with children, was shot at point-blank range as he checked a suspicious auto in Hughson, California, on Sunday morning.

Moments later, Christianson said, Wallace was shot twice in the head. When backup officers arrived on the scene, they found Wallace near his patrol auto suffering from what were apparently two shots to the head at point-blank range. Wallace was radioing in a stolen vehicle "and then everything went silent", according to Sheriff Adam Christianson. Officers did not immediately recognize or identify Machado until after he was taken into custody, when he was positively identified through his tattoos and photograph issued by theStanislaus County Sheriff's Department.

A 37-year-old man accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy twice in the head was captured Sunday after a statewide manhunt, reports say. This neighborhood is about 150 miles south of where the killing transpired, Christianson said. The police identified the suspect as David Machado Jr., and vowed that he would be caught. A second deputy arrived and found him wounded.

The police were still on his trail but did not manage to apprehend him until they've got a call from a distressed woman, living in the same town.

Wallace was transported to a hospital where he died, the department said. Lindsay police had arrested Machado after he allegedly tried to steal a purse from a woman in a convenience store.

Wallace had been with the department for 20 years. The suspect in the killing has been arrested.

Christianson said that police have recovered both the Kia sedan and the van. The gunman had fled, Christianson said. He has been charged with murder and other crimes in connection with the killing.

Wallace, 53, lived and worked in Hughson, where he was involved in youth soccer, refereeing football and serving as a liaison between schools and law enforcement.

A California sheriff's deputy was fatally shot while on duty Sunday in what authorities described as an "execution" from point-blank range, PEOPLE confirms.