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Of course you know much about Michael Jordan but for now, forget about him. James LeBron has his eyes set on Abdul-Jabbar Kareem. This is not because the legendary center stands at 72 but because LeBron has a legitimate shot at surpassing him as the best and greatest scorer in the NBA history. If things do not change, I bet it will be a walk in the park for King James and for sure will make the NBA lines very interesting.

One of the bitter truths about life is that we often fail to reward those who deserve it while they are around. That is why you will find a good number of new Yorkers have never visited the Empire State Building. I’m sure this is the same reason why Michael Jackson was the butt of jokes prior death. 

James was not the first NBA superstar to make the quantum leap after high school. There is a number of them who made the jump including Monta Ellis, Josh Smith, J.R Smith, Al Jefferson and Tyson Chandler. Many people believe that a player entering the league at age 18 should have a great potential and opportunity to accomplish a lot. Kelvin Garnet and Kobe Bryant are among top 20 scorers in NBA history. After these great players, Tracy McGrady clocks in number 62. 

Back in 2003, Bibby Mike and his Sacramento Kings were not far removed from being NBA power. Kings defeated young forward in his very first NBA game. He got 25 points, 6 rebounds, 9 assists and 4 steals. Many people were hopeful. He had a very great beginning. 

We all know that James has improved and many people are now able to see and measure his potential. Some years back, many of his peers would be happier for a 20 point. It was unbelievable. 20 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assist efforts. Many people could not believe it. Today he is far much better. His improvement and greatness has become so tremendous and unobtainable. Many players imitate him and aspire to be just like him. He is amazingly great!

In his first year as a player, James Joined Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. He learned a lot and emerged to be among the top players. He was just 18 and he was doing pretty fine. 

During the last seasons, James was ahead of Shaquille. He is now the 10th leading scorer and performer in the NBA history. If he gets an average of 22 points per game for the entire NBA season, he would be ahead of Elvin Hayes, O’Neal, and Moses Malone. He would be the 7th leading scorer in the NBA history.

James has aged and of course he has been getting fewer points unlike before when he used to perform exceedingly good. He got 25 points consecutively over the past two seasons. LeBron is turning out to be a great player since he is young and energetic. Of course, he has a mileage. LeBron has proven to be more effective than Bryant and has a great opportunity to surpass Kareem. He has had more points in the past seasons and is expected to perform even better.