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Donald Trump vowed not to make it easy.

Both promised to end their contentious campaign on a positive note.

Speaking at a rally in Sarasota, Florida, a key battleground state, Trump was taken back by his own Halloween mask.

Trump continued his attack on Clinton as a corrupt leader, alluding to the scrutiny of her use of a private email sever as secretary of state. Trump also questioned the legitimacy of the FBI's rapid review of a Clinton aide's emails, saying it could not have been thorough.

Clinton's campaign, furious at Comey's handling of the review, welcomed Sunday's announcement.

Once again, calling the election process faulty, Trump said, "The system is rigged, but at least we know it".

The comments were a reminder that FBI Director James Comey's news, delivered in a letter to lawmakers on Sunday, was doubled-edged sword for Clinton.

After speaking in Sarasota, Trump will continue his final campaign sprint with events scheduled in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and MI. She instead shifted to message of reconciliation after a rough campaign.

"I have to be honest that most of the travel trade representatives we have met with today have deep concerns about a potential President Trump", Haley wrote.

In early voting in Florida, the Hispanic turnout was way up from 2012, but the black turnout was down. After a week during which he strove to closely stick to the prepared remarks scrolling on the teleprompters before him, Trump veered off script several times as he relived his political victories and his decision more than 500 days ago to run for president.

If that holds true Election Day, how Hispanics vote here may decide who wins the state - and the White House.