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Less than two months since Facebook's Instagram introduced Stories, a feature strikingly similar to Snapchat's Stories, the social juggernaut is exploring the idea of adding this capability to WhatsApp as well. In order to use the new Status bar, you have to go to the Settings menu, but to test it out for yourself, you will need a jailbroken iOS device (or a rooted Android).

In the new "Status" feature, users will be able to upload photographs like in Snapchat and Instagram. Clicking on the Status tab allows the user to create a new status post.

The social network giant first introduced the feature in its Messenger app as "Messenger Day" and later on they made it available to Instagram as "Instagram Stories". CEO of Facebook knows this as well and going to bring this feature to WhatsApp too.

The feature is displayed as a new tab between Chat and Calls.

To recall, WhatsApp is already testing the video-calling feature in Beta form and is expected to roll out soon on the Android and iOS platform. Finally, "Status" will also include the user's WhatsApp contact information in the posts.

However, on an interesting note, this feature is being integrated into the "Status" tab on WhatsApp, pretty much like how we can see in this image given below. Subsequently, when you are done with the initial set up, you can edit the status recipients by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the app. As with Snapchat, there will be a time limit to how long the content is displayed: in this case, twenty-four hours. It automatically removes itself after 24 hours. We are still confused whether the status updates are deleted after a particular time or now. Clearly, Facebook is trying to replicate the immensely popular feature in its offerings.

What are your thoughts about the new feature about to be offered on WhatsApp? In other words, Status isn't as robust or versatile as the Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger features mentioned above, but it's presumably getting there.

Nearly everything that could be done on the Snapchat clone can be done exactly in the same way here in WhatsApp's Status.