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We mentioned the Season Pass, because Final Fantasy 15 will receive 6 DLCs, the last one being quite intriguing.

Square Enix has launched a new website teasing a new still-unnamed "Final Fantasy" game on mobile, one that involves the designer of a famous game decades ago. Whether or not it's given the green light will probably also depend in no small part on how well the Final Fantasy XV main game sells following its release on November 29. Nearly all the playable protagonists are white pretty boys, an unusual choice for the game's leads considering the series has had its fair share of strong heroines comprising the main cast of characters in the past. The graphics and animation quality of this short trailer are what you would expect from a Square Enix production, the company that has brought us the eye-popping visuals of the "Final Fantasy" series' game cinematics.

"Kingsglaive" serves as the opening cinematic, albeit an ambitious one, to the "Final Fantasy XV" game that is set to be released later this year. Speaking of the open world, Final Fantasy XV's open world is so enormous that players can easily get lost in it.

The character will have a new look regarding his appearance and clothing in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game. In an interview with JeuxVideo (via DualShockers), Final Fantasy XV's Producer Haruyoshi Sawatari said that the team is considering adding a female-led DLC amidst clear fan demand.

Squeenix also revealed that FFXV will feature an online co-op mode separate from the game, in which characters battle monsters and go on quests together. Episode Gladiolus is the first new character adventure to arrive, and will be followed by Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto.

"Final Fantasy Dimensions 2" is the third game in the series comprising of "Final Fantasy: The Crystal of Time and Space" and "Final Fantasy Legends 2".