Also, the three devices in question are also prone to getting the Android 7.0 firmware in the last quarter of this year, meaning that Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 users might get an unexpected Christmas gift. There are several reports that suggest that the new phone will be out by 2017. But then more reports started emerging about the explosion incidents. A small survey done by IDC sheds light on what Samsung Galaxy Note 7users are inclined to opt for, after returning their recalled unit back to the company.

The survey conducted can't be literally accurate as it wouldn't really account for all the Note 7 buyers, but it sure does give a hint on how Samsung must have lost its potential loyal customers because of the controversy.

Even though Samsung doesn't want to confirm that they're now working on the Note 8, a few rumors have surfaced regarding the features they expect from the new phablet.

At this point, it might be too hard to accept the notion that Samsung is indeed considering building a successor to the Galaxy Note 7 but it should be noted that not everyone's has been traumatized by it. The study was held only four days after Samsung declared Note 7 to be departed forever.

Samsung announced the discontinuation of its Galaxy Note 7 flagship at the start of the month and the company intends to recall all such smartphones that were sold worldwide.

In a recent interview, creative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI said that, due to the severe loss of Galaxy Note 7, Apple in the near future would be found eating the market shares of Samsung.

"The Note 7 recall, along with all its repercussions, represents a significant event in the world of consumer electronics", said Anthony Scarsella at IDC.

And even after being discontinued and resigned to landfill for all eternity, the Note 7 has still had a rough time of it.

"Moving forward, Samsung will need to put the Note 7 to rest as quickly as possible and focus all efforts on producing a stellar Galaxy S8 come next spring", Scarsella said in a statement.

Not only does this announcement offer a considerably good deal for the South Korean market, it also confirms that Samsung will continue developing the Samsung Galaxy Note line.