The new, beefed up version of the PS4 adds some horsepower to enhance certain games.

Images of The Last of United States played on the PS4 Pro have emerged... but they're not as breathtaking as you'd think.

Why is Sony making this and not a PS5? That might be unrealistic, but it would have given fans and Sony something to point to as the showcase games for the new console.

Plus, it's in publisher's interest to keep the almost 50 million PS4 owners happy.

The second quarter of the fiscal year is from July 1 to September 30, and during that period Sony managed to ship 3.9 Million PS4 units, bringing the total amount of units shipped to 47.4 Million. Anyway, the waiting game is ending soon as the new console update will be hitting stores in a few days. "I'm excited to see my TV actually can make a difference with HDR". And, when creating a new game, they'll have to spend more time preparing 4K support, and/or (like it was the case with the recent Tomb Raider) to offer different graphic settings so that gamers decide will they play a 4K game at 30fps or a 1080p game at 60fps. The latest studio so far to have released an update for the PS4 Pro is Naughty Dog and it is for its popular horror game franchise, "The Last of Us Remastered".

Pro mode capitalises on the PS4 Pro's improved hardware to deliver better graphics and smoother gameplay.

You also don't have to worry if you don't have a 4K TV, because you'll notice a difference in graphics quality even if you only have a regular 1080p TV.

What games will work with it?

Now, you bought a sweet 4K TV on Black Friday and a PS4 Pro sitting right beside it.

It's actually quite unfair to judge the new PS4 Pro based exclusively on its 4K compatibility shortcomings. Sony didn't really try to make PS4 Pro reveal exciting, or cool. Federation Internationale de Football Association fans will be pleased too, as Federation Internationale de Football Association 17 also gets Pro support.

"For PS VR, as you now, on the 13th of October we launched this product".

What will it cost and when does it come out?

It's the same price as a PlayStation VR headset without a PlayStation Eye camera and Move controllers, so for many, picking up a PS4 Pro this Christmas will be a lot cheaper than getting into PlayStation VR. It will be available on this platform from 10th of November 2016 as announced by Io-Interactive.