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Now that "The Walking Dead" season 7 premiere pushed enough gloom and doom on their viewers to last a lifetime, a place which is the polar opposite of Negan's world is revealed.

As fans know, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is just getting started with his bloody rampage. "There are a lot of other big deaths that happened, but they were all done in the comic before the person was cast, so Glenn was actually the first time while I was writing the comic where I was like, oh geez". It was not just some one-hit blow for Glenn though, as he suffered more than Abraham did. Thus, the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, after the spread of this devastating episode offered a heartfelt goodbye to Steven Yeun and it is clear he felt enormous respect for the actor as his words are touching and honest. "He's so phenomenal and I'm honored to share that with him", Yeun said afterwards.

I think the shots that were really creepy were where you couldn't exactly see what was going on except for the silhouette of Negan with the bat coming down, with the blood flying. Are you shocked to hear that so many people thought that Norman Reedus' character Daryl Dixon would end up dying in this way?

"He goes very, very dark". From now on, nothing will ever be the same, but things must go on! Norman Reedus does have his own show Ride with Norman Reedus, so it isn't like he would be out of a job if The Walking Dead made a decision to kill him off.

A fan posted alleged leaked photos from the set showing Reedus with his guts open while zombies try to get to him.

Now moving forward we should probably continue to expect more brutal violence from this show, especially since Negan is expected to stick around for quite a while.

The show aired Sunday night in the USA, but it is offered on Monday nights in the United Kingdom and by the time it aired across the pond the majority of the graphic death of Glenn and the aftermath of that gore was cut from the show.