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India and Israel have agreed to strengthen their defence partnership and make it more broad-based through production and manufacturing partnerships. And Rivlin's visit completes the protocol requirements for a visit from Israel before Modi travels there. Recollecting that the 26/11 (November 26, 2008) terror attacks in western Indian city of Mumbai had claimed the lives of some Israeli citizens, the visiting president stressed: "India and Israel stand together defending our people". Our advanced solar power systems, irrigation systems, water treatment projects and the average milk production per cow are just a few examples.Today's innovations are nearly unimaginable - and we now have companies working to make water out of air. He said the India-Israel trade "can and should grow even larger", adding, "We would like to see in the future more mutual investment and trade". They also agreed to expand cooperation in sectors, including trade and investment, agriculture, water resources and cyber crime.

"We noted the strength of our growing defence partnership".

"In a recent speech President Pranab Mukherjee had said in order to be at the top of the world's educational institutions we have to ensure the quality of education and research, improve the facilities and establish collaboration with other schools and universities and all over the world", he added. "We both agreed that the current trajectory of the Indian economy opens up many promising opportunities for Israeli companies", he said.

Talking about Modi's request for Israel's participation in the Make in India campaign, Riviln said: "Israel is ready to answer the Prime Minister's call - we are ready to "Make in India" and make with India". Further, there is a lot of areas where Israeli and Indian industry can work together especially given the Government of India's Make in India initiative and suggested that the Israeli defence industry could consider co-producing defence equipment in India as the FDI limits in this sector have been relaxed. "Our partnership can generate jobs and benefit both geographies", he said. "IT services is an area where our partnership can make a difference for both our economies", Modi said.

Modi regretted Pakistan's role in the growth and spread terrorism and its networks in the region and across the globe and said the worldwide community must act with resolve and determination against terror networks and states that harbour them, adding that any failure to act and silence of speech only encourages the terrorists. "Our people are constantly threatened by forces of terrorism and extremism", he said. "We also prioritised practical and specific engagement such as in the cyber domain".

Rivlin is in India for an eight-day visit.