The PlayStaton 4 Pro launched yesterday, and it's an intriguing console- it's the very first mid generation updated console ever released, and it it also the first console to be pushing 4K. But that isn't always the case, with a new report suggesting games sometimes suffer from performance issues that result in lower frame rates on a Pro than on a standard PS4.

In the video, Digital Foundry keeps a running graph at the bottom of the screen comparing the consistency in frame rate while playing. This comes down to the PS4 Pro being forced to super sample the textures, regardless of whether you want that or not. Not only that, but leaked Sony documents from earlier this year state that this goes against the company's guidelines for developers. In the former, you can select to play at 60 frames per second at a framerate of 3200x1800, but the framerate dips occasionally.

While not every title with Pro enhancements is running worse, a lot of key titles offer downgraded performance for people on 1080p sets. In that case, The Last of Us renders at a higher resolution and then downsamples to 1080p to improve anti-aliasing. You can take unbelievable in-game shots using the 4K Photo Mode or record gameplay at 1080p, 30fps.

Skyrim also features a similar situation. This seems to be because Skyrim is one of the few native 4K games so far, and when that graphical option is used the frame rate ends up being less than if you played it on a PlayStation 4.

The PS4 Pro might be called the most powerful console ever made, but by introducing different graphical options for the same game it's quite hard to work out how well it's living up to that title.