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Lead actor Duniya Vijay along with co-actors Uday and Anil jumped into the reservoir. However, it was reported that the police and the film crew believed that there were slim chances of them being retrieved.

As per the officials of the Tavarekere police station, three actors, #duniya vijay, Uday and Anil jumped from the helicopter into the dam. Reports said that adequate safety measures were not taken before starting the stunt sequences. No motor boats were around to search the lake immediately after the mishap.

The local SP has said that it is almost impossible to recover Anil and Uday. There were reportedly no ambulances or speed boats on standby to help if needed.

According to locals, the place where stunt was being picturised was a risky spot as there is about 30-40 ft of silt below 15-20 feet of water. I have not done (such stunt) so far, nor have I seen anyone performing such stunt so far, so I'm scared.

A third actor Duniya Vijay also made the unsafe leap but survived the incident. That's all I know.

KPS Combines, the production house behind the film, initially obtained permission from Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board to shoot the reservoir scene on October 24, but later rescheduled it to November 7. "The rest is up to God". Reportedly, now a criminal case will filed against the film unit for negligence. A few channels covering the stunt claim that only Duniya Vijay had proper safety provision.

They were filming a new Kannada movie called Masthigudi, supposedly based on the life of actor Duniya Vijay. One of the most famous, or actually infamous, in film history is that suffered by megastar Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of "Coolie".